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Anonymous asked:

i need a fic where the tower gets attacked while steves in the shower so he only has time to pull his boxers on then runs out and the attackers stop fighting for a minute because who is this glorious sun god punching jeff in the face OH SHIT IT'S CAPTAIN AMERICA


and because he’s fighting etc he doesn’t really realize that he’s almost naked so he’s just kicking ass and taking names and he doesn’t see that half of the bad guys (and at least two avengers) have stopped to just watch him because he’s so graceful and beautiful when he’s fighting, and all that smooth skin and shifting muscle…

and it’s not until they’re all restrained on the floor that he notices his most of his teammates are ‘subtly’ sneaking glances at him out of the corner of their eyes (tony’s just full-on staring)

and then he just kind of stands there and holds his shield awkwardly in front of him for a second before mentioning that he should probably get dressed before the authorities arrive and he turns around to head back to his room

he really doesn’t want to know which one of them let’s out the wolf-whistle as he leaves

(but it’s definitely tony who says ‘hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go, cap!)

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